How do I add a product to sell on my website?

Adding products to your pages is simple and uses the Storage system. When you add the product Storage item to your page, you will get an 'add to basket' button on the page in that location. The rest of the page can be built using the normal page editing tools. This gives you full control over each product page's layout, as well as letting you add 'add to basket' buttons on multiple pages with ease.

1. First, create and edit the page you want the product 'add to basket' button to show on.

2. Click 'Insert'

3. Click 'Products'

4. Click 'Add product', type the product name and hit enter to add it.

5. The new product should be highlighted. If not, click it. You can now set the price and other options for your product in the toolbar down the right hand side.

6. Drag the product to your blueprint editing area to add your product to your page.

Because products are Storage items, you can add the same product to one than one page in this way and you only need to edit it in Storage > Products for the changes to update across the whole site.

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